Raven in the Moon Logo by Don Pongracz

Raven In the Moon - Haida Art of Don Pongracz

Haida art is perhaps one of the most distinctive styles of West Coast Art. The Haida have never ceded their land or agreed to any treaty. While wishing to preserve the good will between nations the Haida are an individual nation with their own country.

Don learned to carve from his maternal uncles. As a child he spent time in Old Massett and learned from his people. His Chinny, grandfather was a major influence in his life.

Don Pongracz, Port Simpson, circa 1970's Here is a photo of Don, at Port Simpson, in the 1970's.

As a child his family lived in a large house in Prince Rupert. As at that time Indians were not allowed to gather in groups the house was a safe point. A place where things could be shared. He learned to make the bent knives, and the stories of his people.

Don still makes all of his own tools. The important teaching was for him the stories. Bear Mother, Master Carpenter, and Raven all of these stories have found their way into his carvings.

Hand Crafted Knives, Adzes
Tools used in carving, traditional bent knifes, adzes, dadzes