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Haida Art by Don Pongracz,
Old Massett Band, Haida Gwaii

Raven In The Moon

Carving is the Culture

Most Precious are the children that follow. In the sixties, early seventies, there was a feeling that you had to fight or the Aboriginal culture would be lost. You heard the stories, but like stories of a war, they felt so final. Artists are the ones chosen to fight for and preserve the heritage of the Nations and to pass it on.

Don teaching carving at Splitting the Sky

Above Don teachs carving at the Splitting the Sky Workshop. Don has also taught youth at risk because he knows that the roads to success are sometimes limited and carving is a way that success can happen. The anger, the pain, and the frustration; all - translated into art.

Raven Freeing Man
Raven Frees Man from the Clamshell; Creation.

Life, Love and History

Raven Child>

Raven Stole the Sun for Man. Above is Raven Child. Below is a work in progress.

work in prograss

It is a labour you wait your whole life to have enough time today is the time for Don. His future is in the work he produces and in the people he trains to carry on the art. Passing it On is so important.

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