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Haida Art by Don Pongracz,
Old Massett Band, Haida Gwaii

Raven In The Moon - Vision to Visual

Don has been carving for a long time. His art is the way he speaks his heart. He loves and respects his culture so his carvings, as are other Aboriginal artists, are the legacy of those born, before those born, before those born...

On these two pages we offer a look at some of the work, all would be impossible and, we did not always take pictures, but of his work, what he cares about and what he does.

Bear Mask

There is a synergy between the world, the woods, and carving. Dreams are part of where things do come from, we dream, we see, we find our hands finding the path between the two and what happens seriously is art. Below is the beginning of the Wild Woman Mask, the woods behind the started carving where she came from. (Thank you Minka, Em and Russ)

Inspiration - Wild

Life, Love and History

The Wild Woman is a Haida story about a wicked old woman, who steals naughty children who do not listen to their parents while out in the bush picking berries. She grabs them and stuffs them in her basket. She is slow, so they usually escape, with a lot better manners.

Wild woman begins

The wild woman mask is about 16 inches long and a foot wide. The is light and you could dance with her, she has a real presence.

Wild woman growing

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