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Haida Art by Don Pongracz,
Old Massett Band, Haida Gwaii

Raven In The Moon

There is always a magic in carving

Chief's Cradle for our First Grandchild

Life is a learning process. What you start with is not always what you turn up with. There is a power in the journey.

small totem pole

Trust yourself. The carving will be what you want. After days. After making that mental contact, the emotional feeling, and then the linking. Each carving is a work of art and each is an individual piece.

halibut love
Carvers are always Dreamers

Life, Love and History


This is a Halibut dish, cast from Aluminum. Haibut dishes used to be used for serving, carved to be beautiful and celebrate the spirit of the Halibut.

halibut dish

There is a power in masks. This is Volcano woman, her eyes are crafted from Abalone shell, on her forehead is the frog. An icon of the small frogs the boys were burning. It angered her that life was taken so carelessly so she flooded the villiage with lava. Lava flooded the whole valley and whereever you walked was lava.

Volcanoe Woman

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