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Haida Art by Don Pongracz,
Old Massett Band, Haida Gwaii

Raven In The Moon - Tools

Killer Fish

There is something about the "feel" of an hand made tool. It is a piece of art all by itself. Each tool is a one of its kind creation. It doesn't matter how long it takes to create the tool it only matters that it works, and than if fits the hand and the mind of the artist.



Life, Love and History

bent knives, adze,

There is a background to every carving. The idea begins as a blend of thought and myth. Then the idea works its way into the drawings. The proper piece of wood, or metal, the size, shape and mood of the piece. All of these combine with the tools in the craftsman's hands.

There is a need for carvers and also a need for them in very practical ways as well. Digging sticks, bowls, paddles - useful products that in the Haida way are ornate and beautiful.

crafted aboriginal knives